The Greatest Relationship of A Man's Life......

WHAT IS THE GREATEST RELATIONSHIP WE MAKE AS MEN? (context: person to person relationships)

Our Wives!!!!

That is the most important relationship you have as a man. God designed it that way

God has created all of the world, including Adam. But, he noticed after Adam had worked through naming ALL of creation there was no helper, or mate, found suitable for him. So God made Adam sleep....He took a literal piece of Adam and crafted a custom made, perfect mate for him named Eve. (Read Genesis 2)

How do you invest? How do you build that relationship?

1. Thank God EVERY DAY for your wife!!!! (No matter if it is a good or bad day!)

2. Make it a priority to worship God together (Make your primary pursuit of God a joint effort!)

3. Make sure your wife takes priority over ALL relationships, even your kids! (Notice that God called creation perfect before kids even entered the picture.....God knew kids were an added blessing, but not the completion of creation! It was complete when man and woman were together!)

4. Constantly encourage your wife...Let her know she is amazing!

5. Make every provision to ensure her health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.....spare not cost, effort and time in ALL of these areas.

6. Give her the best of your life, your time, your creativity and your passion

How do you invest in your relationship with your wife?