"Dead Poets Society"

But, underneath, there is a stronger theme that speaks more loudly than anything. It is something that, even more today, I realize is the very heart beat of becoming a great man, great father, great husband, great leader, great thinker and great pastor......It's the investment of a wiser, more seasoned man in my life. It is the investment of another man's very being into my life. Not just someone's investment, but also my willingness to learn, grow and be stretched in the process.

I read through 2 Timothy 1:3-14....This is a POWERFUL passage that comes from Paul to Timothy as his mentor. How awesome it must have been for Timothy to read these words from his coach/mentor!

It leaves me desiring 2 things....
1. That a great man, husband, father and leader would be invested in me like Paul was invested in Timothy
2. That I would also be invested in the same way in someone else.

Who is invested in you? Who have you invested in?