This idea of ANTICIPATION may be hard for some of us......Especially when we are referring to our relationship with God. WHY????

They were are all a desire on our part to receive what we know is expected(that's ANTICIPATION!)

We have those initial experiences with God that build us up. We start our jourey with a daily anticipation of, "What will God do today?" The emotional highs we experience when we first discover Jesus, or when we see Jesus do something GOD-SIZED in our lives leaves us exhilarated. But, in time our excitement and anticipation goes away. We now longer ask "what is God going to do today" and ask "Is god going to do anything at all?" Amazing that we say we serve a God who never changes, and somehow we push off this change of heart on God. We begin to assume God has changed His mode of operation or care for us. When, in reality, it is us that has changed. What has changed????

ANTICIPATION.....That is what has changed.We need that back!

When that happens we no longer see our amazing God working in amazing ways....That is what leads to our feeling as though our Spiritual lives have become less than incredible.

Luke 24:49Acts 1:5These guys had seen Jesus turn water to wine, feed 500 with a sack lunch, heal the sick and blond and even raise the dead. But, Jesus Himself said there was more to come. He called his followers to anticipate the coming of the Holy Spirit who was greater still. He called them to wait with aniticipation of the power they would receive from "on high".

Here's the kicker....They did! They waited, they anticipated, and God showed up BIG TIME. He showed up in such a way in Acts 2:2-6 that an entire city full of people from all over the known world stopped and payed attention. When God showed up that day, THOUSANDS discovered Jesus!

When we anticipate God to show up and make a GOD-SIZED impact in our world...We will get the chance to watch God do things that will blow our minds. God will continually do those things in our lives, every day. God does tings we can't imagine! If you don't believe me read Ephesians 3:20-21 or 1 Corinthians 2:9.....Not even our imaginations can handle what God has planned for us!

So, are you living in anticipation of what God is gonna do??????