If you're a leader, you need to ask yourself one question.....

What am I doing to inspire the people on my team?

The reality is that I am simply calling them to truly believe that God is exactly who He says He is. I am asking my team to remember that God is capable of far more than we could ever imagine. Then, I am asking them to believe it, trust it and live it out!

It is simply as way to remind myself and the team to center our attention on God and what He wants for our lives and ministry!

Hey Guys,

Hope your week has been okay. I am so thankful for the productive and  slower paced week I have had. The next few weeks will be busy, but I am excited.

Here's the deal....You NEED to start praying HARD right away. This week's message has the potential to truly be a game changer for Grace Church. I mean that more than ever. We are going to address 2 main issues we struggle with at Grace and in our culture here in East TN....The first is "religiosity" or the idea that being in church, knowing about church and even volunteering in church make me a Christian and in right standing with Jesus. The second is the idea that many people who think they know Jesus, truly do not have a relationship with Him. The passage from Acts 4:1-22 we will be in tomorrow addresses these things HEAD ON! I am praying hard that God begins right now working in the hearts of people to get them ready for a challenge.

I am praying for a TON of people to come to know Jesus. Here's how we'll approach this tomorrow, the things we'll examine:

1. When you've been with Jesus, and He's part of your life, PEOPLE NOTICE!

2. Just because you're in church doesn't mean you know Jesus

3. When you've experienced Jesus, you can't help but share it.

4. When we share Jesus, LIVES ARE CHANGED!

Please PRAY HARD. Ask God to humble me as I share His Word. Ask God to speak through my inadequacy. Ask God to have complete control over my words. Ask God to prepare the Worship Center as a place where people will hear and respond to truth. Ask God to bring LOTS of people to Him tomorrow. That's the BIGGIE. We won't save people, GOD WILL! So, don't underestimate and start asking for lots of people to come to know Jesus. Ask God to make it so we have to dedicate a whole service to baptism and celebration of LIFE CHANGE. Ask these things believing and anticipating. Ask God to work through Grace Church to make an IMPACT in our city. It can all start with lives that will be changed tomorrow.

So, please take a few minutes and pray for what God is going to do TOMORROW. Don't make that an option. If you truly believe that God will change lives at Grace, then take a few minutes to ask God to prep the hearts of the people who need to discover Him. Pray that we as a team will be ready to share and respond to the people who need to meet Jesus. Ask God to put someone directly in your path Sunday that needs Jesus! Make sure you are ready to respond about why you have hope.....JESUS!!!! (1 Peter 3:15...You need to know this verse and live it out!) And, remember, come with an anticipation for what God is planning to do at Grace Church. I promise that if you'll be ready, the celebration of what God does will be even sweeter.

I am praying for each of you. I am praying for God to generously bless you and your families. I am asking God to protect you from the enemy. And, I am praying that God will make you guys BOLD voices in a messed up world to show Hope to folks who truly need Jesus.

Have a great weekend. See you TOMORROW.

So what are you doing to inspire your team????