Transforming a Church...Pt 2

There are few people who truly LOVE change. But, if you're walking a church through a major transition, then you likely get excited about change. The reality is that you have to love change to survive the transition!

You will love change, need change and be the catalyst for change.A majority of the people around you will NOT!

Pastor Mark DriscollHe said when you start a new church, or even transition an existing church, that within 6 months 50% of the original people will leave. In the following 12-18 months 90% the remaining pool of original members will also leave. That means that within 2 years if you started with a core of 100 people, only 5-10 will remain as the church develops and changes! It's not rare, it's fact!

The reality is that I spent too much time and too much effort in my own strength to combat people leaving. I tried to stand against the critics. I tried to convince people they would be happy if they would "wait and see". I tried to "sweet talk" the remaining peopel every time their friends would leave. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME, ENERGY, EFFORT, RESOURCES AND WORDS!!!!

GOD IS IN CONTROL! You're job is to trust that, call people to follow Him and trust that He knows what He is doing! As Paul says in 1 Corithians 11:1 tell you church to "follow me as I follow Christ!"

Don't take it personally when people don't see your vision. Don't take it personally when people try to discredit you. Don't take it personally when people call you crazy, stupid or evil. Don't take it personally when they run away from what God is doing.....They are running from the thing God has called you to, the thing God is doing! Just be sure you are following Jesus' call in your life and you will have security in that statement

If it's not 100% about Jesus, you will never survive the transition!