It's vision that makes great things possible.Proverbs 29:18With vision, passion and a great team you can truly change the world. 

  1. You're the leader of the vision, the visionary. In this position you must have passion, drive and focus. It is your job to communicate, model and share the vision. You must be willing to die for the vision! If you want to see your vision change the world, you must be willing to give your life and your entire being to taking the vision to the world. You must be consumed with the vision. The great leaders who have changed the world, have dedicated their entire lives to the vision they have. The people crazy enough to believe they can change the world, and are consumed with vision, do change the world!

  2. You're on the team bringing the vision to life. Without the team the vision has no life! You have the chance to see the world change, you have a chance to operate out of your strengths, abilities and passion with great direction under that vision. Your job is to protect, defend and grow the vision. You are part of making sure the world sees, tastes and experiences the vision. The key is following a visionary who is consumed with vision, passion and willing to give their life for it!

When Disney World opened in 1971 Walt Disney had already been dead a few years. He never personally saw the parks that he dreamt of. But, his team brought that vision to life. They protected, defended and grew that vision. His team has continued to make sure that the vision is kept alive! His team made sure the world experienced that vision. And their collaboration changed the world! It's because they followed a visionary who would give his life to see the vision become reality!

If we share our vision and empower the team to grow the vision; we can change the world!

“Isn’t it too bad Walt Disney didn’t live to see this?” Creative Director at Disney“He did see it. That’s why it’s here.”