Perspective & Tough Reality

Something that I can never shake from my mind is the tough reality and the perspective of how rich I really am. As a matter of fact, if you are reading this, you are rich too. Sounds kind of strange to say that, but the reality is that you and I are VERY wealthy in comparison to the rest of the world. Here's how I know I am rich:

  • Tonight my car will spend the night in doors (In may garage) My car has a room bigger than most people's homes worldwide.

  • If my house get's too cold or hot, I go and push a button to change that!

  • If it get's dark, I flip a switch to change that.

  • If I want a glass of water I go get a clean glass out of my cabinets and turn on my faucet!

  • If I get hungry I open a climate controlled box (the fridge) and choose from a dozen or more options.

  • If I get hungry and decide to, I go and pay for someone else to cook a meal for me.

  • I get in my car and pay $3+ a gallon to drive anywhere I choose.

  • When I decide I'm tired of my current clothes, I drive my car a few miles away and choose from hundreds of new clothing options that make me feel better, but are not necessary!

I truly could go on forever. The reality is that all of the things I just listed are a blessing in my life, something that MOST of the world will NEVER experience! Truly, they will NEVER know, see or have the things I just mentioned. But, after traveling all over the world and experiencing that other side of life, I cannot help but think about how blessed I am! There are BILLIONS of people who will never have the nice, luxuries I have been given. (If you're household makes more than $30,000 a year, you are in the top 1% of wage earners in the entire world!) 

The reality is that God told us in Deuteronomy 15:11 that we will never be without the poor and needy. But, we are charged to have an open hand and give freely. In Proverbs 3:27-28 that if we have what a person needs, we are to be faithful and give right away. And, since we have established the fact that we are rich.....We are commanded in 1 Timothy 6:17 to be generous to those in need. 

So let me challenge you as we approach Christmas. Last year Americans spent over $560 BILLION on Christmas alone! Did you get that????? $560 BILLION. (Here's the stats!) The cost of providing clean water to the PLANET is roughly $20-25 Billion a year. Do you understand that if we spent only 3%, THREE PERCENT, of what we spent on Christmas every year, we could ensure that the world had clean water! How Selfish are we??? Seriously.......Think about that.

This year our family is committing to giving a lot more than 3% to making sure the world has a benefit and hopefully a blessing. We are going to give more than 50% of our normal spending to those in need. We are going to limit what we allow our kids to have for Christmas and celebrate what we are giving to a greater need to make a difference. Will you do the same????

Here are a few ways and places you can give to make an impact this year:

  1. Compassion International

  2. HELP

  3. IMPACT Haiti

  4. SafeWorld Nexus

How will you make a difference this year???? Watch this and be challenged.....(from 2008)