Suffering Churches, Families & People

But, one thing I keep hearing more and more is how the recession has affected the local church. I keep hearing about how giving is down, budgets are affected and staff are being laid off. It is a sad state of affairs. It's even more sad, because we are never given an excuse to cut back on bringing our tithes and offerings to the church. 

One of the saddest realities is the fact that so many pastors are making excuses for their people and their churches in light of the recession and economic struggles. They are justifying the lack of giving by people's insecurity, fear and struggles. In essence they are allowing, even facilitating sin, because it is uncomfortable to address the issue directly. 

The solution: TITHE faithfully and obediently and lead your people to do the same! 

The nation of Israel responded faithfully and obediently. The result was this: the church was rebuilt, the storehouses were full and they had a surplus. In addition, the whole nation of people had enough food, resources and more. In fact, they all had more than they could contain! God removed the recession and the struggle because the people were obedient and faithful.Read the story in 2 Chronicles 31

Malachi 3:6-11

Ever wonder why your personal finances are never work out? Ever wonder why you can never get ahead? Ever wonder why your church budget is suffering? Ever wonder why you struggle to survive in funding your vision? The answer is simple:

Either you or your people are not being faithful and obedient in bringing the tithe!

As pastors and leaders, we are responsible for leading by example. We are responsible for faithfully teaching our churches to be faithful and obedient. If we are not, God will NOT bless us, our churches or our people like He has promised. 

Don't be the bottleneck and the reason your church, your people and your family are suffering! Be faithful, obedient, teach truth and lead by example! 

GIVING ROCKET by Casey Graham.