I've Been Wrong...

I have believed for so long as a pastor that I was in a place to bring people hope, I was supposed to bring them relief and I was to supposed to bring them life. Man have I been wrong........really wrong! 

As a pastor my position and my place is to offer people ONE thing and one thing only.....Jesus. As pastors that's absolutely all we have to offer people that has any value. Jesus is the one who will bring them hope, bring them relief and bring them life. I cannot bring those things to anyone, and neither can you. 

So often we get caught in the trap of believing we are the single most important link to people's hope, relief and life. But, in reality that is Jesus' place. We have got to stop trying to be Jesus, and start letting Jesus do that!

Acts 3:1-10When Peter wasn't trying to be his savior, and gave Jesus His proper place, a miracle happened!

Instead of getting caught up in being the hero, get caught up in bringing Jesus to people...That's when lives change and we see miracles happen!