Today we are putting into practice Psalm 100:4....As a result I am sharing what I'm Thankful for

  • A God who loves me and gave His life for me

  • My beautiful bride, who I love more every single day

  • My amazing kids...with 5 there's no doubt I'm blessed

  • For 3 women across the world who gave their kids to be part of our family through adoption

  • For the understanding of God's love I have learned through adoption

  • For amazing parents who taught me to love Jesus

  • For grandparents who consistently pray for me and encourage me as a man, husband, father and pastor

  • For God's calling in my life to be a pastor

  • For good friends that I can pursue God's greatest calling with

  • For a great home to raise my family

What are you thankful for today? Let's hear it......