Listen to God, Do What He Says....

It really is that simple.......Listen to God, do what He says.....I would challenge you to try it!

Perry NobleIt's not that I didn't want to do what God was telling me...It's simply that I was scared, selfish and unfaithful.My own selfishness, fear and even pride held me back from that level of obedience. 

All of these great moments started with listening to God and doing what He said....The results were miracles and life change! 

Uncommon ChurchI truly believe that if we had not simply listened to God and done what He said, we would never have seen these things! 

Most people miss out on God's greatest miracles because they are too afraid and selfish to simply do what He says. But, one thing I know for sure.....Without faith it is impossible to please God!Hebrews 11:6

So, will you listen to God and do what He says?