Miracles...and our Role

Today I was totally overwhelmed with the miracles that I have seen God do our family in the last few years. One area specifically has been the way in which our family has grown....through adoption and old fashioned childbirth. We have not adopted just once or twice, but now three times. (Karis should be home from Haiti very soon.) And, each story is a miracle....a God-Sized story!

God gave us two incredible boys, Evan and Noah, the all natural way. I am so proud of my boys and who they are becoming. Then God brought Kaia into our home from Ethiopia. The sacrifice her mother made to give her to a new family is an incredible miracle. Then 2 years ago we met Shay through an outreach ministry at our church. As God would have it, another big miracle, Shay is now part of our family! Back in March we had the chance to meet Karis, our soon coming addition from Haiti. We are praying God will get her home quickly. All 5 of our kids are a blessing and a miracle.

To me, God's greatest miracle is knitting together a diverse, beautiful and amazing family. When Allison and I got married almost 10 years ago, we never would have dreamed our family would look this way....But God's designs are greater than our own. (Isaiah 55:9) Today we have the most amazing family in the world.

God works miracles, every single day. You and I play a big role in those miracles....What is it you ask? Simple: Recognize and celebrate the miracles with gratitude! It's no more complicated than that. Take some time today to recognize God's miracles, celebrate then and give thanks....(Colossians 3:17)

What is God's greatest miracle in your life?