How God Can Start A Movement Thru You

One of the most common conversations I hear from leaders is how badly they wish God would use them for something great. Mostly it comes as some sort of "religious jealously" from watching God bless the ministries of other leaders, and wishing they could experience the same. Admittedly....I have struggled in this area too!

Here's how God has been dealing with me on this matter:

1. I had to realize that the "GREAT" thing God wants to do through me is more simple, more apparent and more realistic than I ever imagined. What I realized is that I could see the successes and resources of others, but could not see the successes and resources God had given me. Not for any other reason that I wasn't looking for it! I was looking for the same thing I saw in others, and not looking for the unique thing God had called me to do!

There's a story in the Bible about a widow in need....deep debt! She goes to Elisha, the prophet, and asks for help. Elisha points her to the very thing that God has already given. It was a small vessel of oil, something to her that seemed insignificant. It was that small vessel of oil, her willingness to offer it and her obedience with it that resulted in a miracle; a great thing in her life. (You can read about it in 2 Kings 4:1-7) So, I had to recognize the very things God had given to me, and be willing and obedient to use them. That's when I saw God begin to do great things in my life......What are you overlooking in your life??? There is something God has already given you that He wants to use, you must choose to recognize that!

2. More than anything....our response to God matters. Jesus chose simple, ordinary men to be his disciples. So, we should find comfort in knowing He can use us too! It was through these men that the church was born and a great movement of God occurred! There was something quite simple they all had in common....Are you ready for this? They all, as Pastor Perry Noble says, "listened to God and did what He said!" Nothing more complicated than that...seriously. Today's leaders are so consumed with strategy, structure, ideas and programs that we leave out the basis for something incredible.....We need to listen to God and obey His calling!

Take a look at what happened when Jesus called his disciples, especially the first disciples. (Mark 1:16-20) When he called to Simon (Peter), Andrew and James...they were all busy. They were making a living, they were standing in their sense of security and sensibility. They were literally holding their livelihood in their hands, their nets. (After all, a fisherman can't make a living without a net! A boat is optional, a net is necessary!) They immediately dropped their nets, left their jobs, gave up that sense of security to be obedient. They followed God at a very high cost! Yet, we never see them in need or in want....Following Jesus was enough. And for us it should also be enough. So, are you listening to God? Are you willing to practice full obedience to His calling? Or, are you holding onto your security, sensibility and stuff? (I call that pride!)

I believe it is these two factors that will truly allow God to use you for something great. It may not be an earth shaking movement...but it will be a movement of God. And, when it's all over, isn't that all that matters?