Coaching for a Culture of Missions

One of the most common things I have seen in the church world is an imbalance in the culture of missions in churches. What I have encountered are churches who are too focused in local missions, churches who are too focused in foreign missions or churches who have almost no missions focus at all. The problems is that Jesus called in us Acts 1:8 to be willing and focused on missions.

I see this primarily in the new wave of church planting and churches in transition. When the culture is being built or renewed, this becomes a place of tension. It is my passion to help churches manage this tension and be obedient to the call of Christ to reach the world.

In 10 years of ministry, and 3 years as a Lead Pastor, I have found my passion to be building this core value of missions. We have seen wild success at Grace Church in the past 3 years of balancing effective local and foreign missions. We have seen thousands in our city impacted by our local missions outreach, plus our focus in Haiti has reached levels beyond our imagination. The best part is that we have seen people discover life in Jesus and become great leaders by serving in missions! I believe it is simply built on having a vision, a sharp focus and empowered leaders. I know without a doubt that building this culture in your church will add value and create life change. That is why I have decided to begin coaching leaders and churches in building a culture of missions in your church.

On May 3rd, 2011 I will host a 1 day coaching event on Building a Culture of Missions in Your Church. I will be sharing the how-to's and the tools that I have used to build a culture of missions and competent leaders for them in our church. Here's some of what we will cover:

Determining the missions need in your church

Creating focus around your vision for missions

Creating momentum for missions

Training and Empowering leaders for missions

Funding and Resources for missions

This coaching experience will cost $150 for the day and will include lunch & materials. All of the money will be used for the IMPACT HAITI initiatives for 2011. So, the investment of learning about missions will also be an investment in a mission! Space will be limited, so make sure you get signed up soon. The event will be held at Grace Church in Kingsport, TN.

You can register by clicking here, or if you have questions about the event you can contact my assistant Kayla at I look forward to seeing how God drives your mission!