Serving at Any Cost


I often wonder how many of us would serve the call of Christ in our lives no matter what! I can say without a doubt I know one man that can say yes....His name is Danny Pye.

The following is a news story about my good friend Danny Pye. Danny and I served in ministry together about 10 years ago. That was just prior to his going to Haiti as a missionary and founding an incredible ministry in Jacmel. He has been wrongly imprisoned for months now. His cell is roughly 10 x 12 and houses 25 men. The conditions are horrible....To top it off, Danny's wife, Leann, is due to deliver their 2nd child in one month. Likely Danny will not be able to see his child's birth. Danny has given the last 7 years of his life serving a group of children, mostly with special needs. He is a good man, great leader and a very humble servant. Please be sure to watch this clip and pray for Danny. You can read more about this story by clicking here.