Stop Making Excuses

So often we find our selves making excuses about God's call for us to be His hands and His feet in this world. We come up with some pretty creative reason why we are ineffective and unable to make an impact in the world. It keeps us from loving people the way that God has called us to love people. If anything, we become the very reason that people feel as though God no longer exists....because we refuse to be moved by God. We no longer let the things that break God's heart, break ours!

My wife discovered this video from Eric Ludy a few weeks back. I can only say that this video could be one of the most powerful videos I have seen. It speaks directly to my heart. If anything, it completely describes my heart and my drive in ministry. It is the message behind this very video that defines my heart for people, for missions, for Haiti and adoption. Please take a few minutes to watch this video.

After watching it I would ask one simple question: What wimpy excuse are you making because you are unwilling to reach out and love God's children?

What does it stir in your heart?