Note to Grace Church

God did something absolutely incredible Sunday..... 6 more people discovered Jesus. That's 29 in 4 Sundays. That's an average of 1 person per day meeting Jesus. And, better yet, over 200 people in the last few months. WOW! God is changing lives. I am so excited. Plus, we got to baptize a couple as well. God is so gracious and so good to us. It was awesome to see a student who I've known for 8 years meet Jesus this morning. What's more incredible is seeing her mom experience that. God is so very good. I am so grateful for all that God has been doing. No doubt we are headed in the right direction. LET'S CELEBRATE WHAT GOD IS DOING! Remember, God isn't moving because of a church, the worship or a sermon....He is moving because of the hearts of people!

Lots of people asked about the video we showed on Sunday with Raymond's Story. Raymond is just one of hundreds of stories of people on the fringe finding hope and freedom in Jesus. It is incredible to watch what God is doing in the lives of people at Grace Church. If you'd like to watch the video again, simply CLICK HERE MEN You will have the chance to hear Raymond's Story in full next Tuesday at 6:30 at Grace Church. Make plans to be there for that. Plus, there will be pizza and more. See you there!

Some of you had the chance to meet Rob Wilkins from Outreach Magazine He was there Sunday to write a feature on how churches of our size in "Bible-belt" towns create an outreach environment for people who society, and especially the church, have rejected. It was incredibly humbling to have him there and give us a platform to tell our story and our heart for ministry.

It reminded me today that we are part of church that allows drug addicts, divorcee's, sex addicts, prostitutes, meth addicts, homosexuals, gluttons, gossips, bitter people, fearful people, hurt people, unloved, un-cared for, unlovely, social deviants and sinners to have a place to worship Jesus. We are a place where people feel loved. Our environment and our worship can't be like "church" it has to be like Jesus himself. Like Matthew 9 where Jesus was reclined at the table with sinners and they were reclined with Jesus. We need to set the table for the sinners to find hope, freedom, peace and comfort in Jesus. Our atmosphere, our worship and our message has to reach those people. After all, we are all about the lost! Jesus said it best when he talked about the shepherd...If he has 100 and 1 gets lost, does he not leave the 99 and seek the 1 that is lost. We have to be seeking the lost. We have created the fold and the pasture for the 99, but our eyes & effort must be set on the 1 lost sheep. That's when people experience the rescuing power of Jesus! I am excited to be part of living out the very steps and lifestyle of Jesus. I hope He has birthed that in your heart too.

Thanks guys for being part of what God is doing. The best has yet to even be imagined!

Pastor Michael