Meet Karis

This week we had the incredible opportunity to meet our new daughter, Karis Kimberly Robison.


She is absolutely beautiful, as you can see in the pics. Karis is one month old now. She was born to a young girl named Charlene in Ou Soud Kay, a small village north of Port au Prince, Haiti. He mother, at 16, was too young and did not have the resources to properly care for her. This week we had the honor of meeting many members of Karis’ family. Each one gave their enthusiastic approval of our adoption. It is humbling to see a family make a sacrifice for the betterment of a child. It’s an even more humbling honor to be the recipient of that sacrifice. You can see a pic of the home she was born in here below.....


We spent the week doing some wild running in order to get the bulk, about 70%, of the Haitian process and paperwork completed. We spent lots of time in downtown Port au Prince giving blood, getting X-rays and more. It was nothing less than an adventure. During our stay this week former president, Aristide, made his return to Haiti. Just adding to the never failing spontaneity of the Haitian culture. (As a side note: Danny Glover was on our return flight form Haiti!)

We fell in love with Karis at first sight. She is a beautiful little girl. God knit her into our hearts in an instant. We spent four days together with her bonding and doing lots of cuddling. I am always in awe of God’s provision in giving us children. God has given us far more than we deserve.

Today as we left, it was gut wrenching. We have a few more months until we are able to bring her home. Leaving Karis is possibly the most difficult thing I have ever done. While we know she is in great hands, we are longing to be with her. Please pray for favor with the judges and the people making the final decrees so we can bring her home sooner.

Thanks for your continued support and prayer.