Orphan Impact

One of the things that can be overwhelming in Haiti, especially with teams of first timers that often travel there with me, is the number of children in orphanages and living on the streets. And, what's worse, the majority of those are not eligible for adoption. There are lots of reasons why they won't be adopted. One of which, is there simply aren't enough people willing to spend the time, money and emotions to tackle that journey. Many kids aren't eligible due to governmental restrictions. Whatever the reasons, there are hundreds of thousands of kids in Haiti that are in need of care, and in need of love.

One of the great needs in the world is Orphan Care. How do we live out James 1:27 and care of the orphans and widows in their time of need? How do we show them love that lasts. We can feed them, clothe them and even provide shelter. But, many have these things and are still lacking love! Love is the deepest need and desire of the human soul. What breaks my heart is knowing there are hundreds of thousands of kids in Haiti that desperately need to experience being loved, valued and honored as children of God.

While my wife and I are in the process of adopting a little princess from Haiti, we realize that we are affecting only 1 life out of many. I have been praying for quite sometime that God would open the door for us to be involved in something that makes a greater, longer lasting impact. I have wanted to be part of something that will impact the next generation in Haiti. Without that impact and investment, Haiti will likely remain the same for yet another generation. So I've been asking God to provide and avenue for this.....and He has done that! Let me share just a little bit.

DSC_0154My friend Greg Roberts, a missionary in Haiti, and his family have had the very same desire. He is partnered with the Chadasha Foundation, who also share that vision. In the past couple of years they have managed to open a very successful hospital and provide medical care for TONS of kids in Haiti. They also have partnered with churches and nationals to open orphanages, clinics and their latest Children's Home (a life development center for kids staying in Haiti). But, they have had a desire to create a ministry and a place that instils a sense of love, honor and value in the lives of the orphaned children in Haiti. Their dream was to create a retreat for those children. It would be a place of refreshing, a place of excitement and a place of creativity for orphans and the people who give their lives caring for them. The basic idea is that if we can show kids they are honored, valued and loved they will find hope and reason to make much of their lives. They will do this for them by giving them a break and change of scenery from the orphanages they live in. They will give them an experience that few kids will ever have if they live inside and orphanage. They will be treated as the honored guests. We want to be able to do this; and when asked why by the kids and orphanage staff, we will be abel to answer with the Gospel, the very thing that changes lives.

This week God brought all the details together to begin the project. He provided the land and the momentum. The project is officially underway. We are working to raise funding to begin building. But, on this land we believe that God will impact the next generation. The retreat center will partner with orphanages, local churches and churches outside Haiti who are all united in impacting the next generation through orphan care. The center will also be a great place for folks right here in the US to get involved. It will include a missions internship program. And, it will also be used to help train local pastors impacting Haiti, as well as training and refreshing the missionaries serving in Haiti. Truly, the possibilities are endless.
We truly believe that this will be a movement by God to impact the next generation in Haiti. Showing kids that they are loved, valued and worth while, will ensure they find value to become the men and women God created them to be! Please be praying with us as we work hard to steward the vision and resources God has provided.

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