Crucial Prayer for Haitian Pastor

Hey Crew,

I have a very crucial prayer request for you all of you. I got a call very early Tuesday morning with some heart breaking and very tough news. In the early hours of the morning a group of 5 men broke into the home of one of our pastors, Pastor J. He is a GREAT pastor, with one of the fastest growing, most influential churches near Port au Prince. He and his wife are involved in BIG ways in seeing people meet Jesus, offering health care to their city and developing some incredible orphan care. God has been using them in BIG ways. On Tuesday AM, their world came to a screeching halt....

The men broke into their home and attacked Pastor J. Within minutes it became evident that the men knew Pastor J and his wife Y. (I cannot, by request of the international authorities involved, share real names.) In the midst of the moment, the men left the home and took Y with them. This is a very scary deal.

For the past few days there has been very little contact with Y. Until this morning we were not sure if she was in fact still alive. There have been international authorities involved in the investigation and recovery operation. It has been an intense 72 hours. Pastor J has been in a very tough and dark place. He has been concerned for his bride and his family.

While we seem to be close to a resolution, it is not over.

Please commit with us to pray for Pastor J and his wife Y. Please commit to pray for the men that took her. Pray for their hearts to be softened and willing to bring her home. Pray for Y. She is a strong woman. But everyone involved, including Y, needs to experience God's presence, hope, faith and peace. Pray for the authorities involved that they will have wisdom and success. Pray for the ministry of Pastor J & Y that this will catapult their ministry into a new realm of effectiveness, faith and results. These trials grow faith and effectiveness. I am reminded of 2 Thess 1:5-6....We go through trials because God has found us fit and ready to prep up for His purposes. Pray for this to be the peace for Pastor J & Y.

We will keep you posted on ways you can help....PLEASE be praying. Pray believing.