Church Diversity

I am honored to be part of my friend Scott Williams' blog tour for his new book Church Diversity. I have been excited about this book since I found out that Scott was going to be writing it last year. I can tell you that Scott is passionate about his message, and lives it out in his life and ministry! This is something that the church doesn't give enough thought or consideration any form. We've made it acceptable to keep the church segregated and, in many ways, living in the past. I am EXCITED about this book and the movement.

The subject of diversity is very personal to me. Growing up in the deep south, racial diversity and division was a way of life. I grew up in Alabama, Birmingham and Montgomery Alabama to be specific. I did not grow up in a time or place where diversity was acceptable, and certainly not celebrated. As it turns out today, though, my family is made up of diversity. We are a multi-racial family, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

As a pastor, I desire greatly to see our church grow in diversity. While diversity may very well be part of my life...diversity in my church won't just happen. Diversity, especially in the church, is the result of intention, education and lifestyle. We don't end up at a destination because we intend to get there, but because we set our course and follow the path.

In Church Diversity, Scott Williams does an incredible job of helping you identify the destination and befine the path. Pastors, leaders and influencers: You can be part of making a difference. Make sure you get a copy of Church Diversity and take part in the movement for diversity! You can get a copy by clicking here!

Take a minute to watch this video and get a snapshot of Scott's message in Church Diversity