I work hard to glean wisdom and leadership principles from men who have gone before me. There are quite a few that have had a great impact on my life. Today I want to introduce you to a man who has inspired me and shaped me in many ways. He is Dr. Ed Dobson. Ed is a great leader, great pastor and one of the most inspiring men I have ever known. His story is amazing, his faith is incredible and his willingness to share it all is unsurpassed.

His book, "The Year of Living Like Jesus" is absolutely fantastic. I think what I enjoyed most was his honesty and candor as He made a transition of living like a "Christian" to living like Jesus did. Dr, Dobson took a year and strictly followed the behavior and model that Jesus laid out in the Bible. It took him as a pastor, a "religious" man, on a journey of visiting bars and walking through life with the people most Christians actively avoid. But, in reality, it is the very people that Jesus was drawn to and sought out. It is a must read in my opinion. It truly has influenced me to be keenly aware that I am walking in Jesus' foot steps and not just talking about Jesus. We, the folks who claim to follow Jesus, have got to do more following and lots less talking about following. Our words are no good without action!

Back in December I had a great convo with Dr. Dobson about being a pastor and leader. He shared some incredible wisdom and insight. You can read about  that by clicking here.

Please take some time to pray for Dr. Dobson and his health. Pray that God continues to sustain him and allows him the opportunity to continue to live out his calling and mission. Pray that Dr. Dobson would, as he always does, continue to make much of Jesus and help others find hope in the Gospel.

Finally, Here is a great clip from the new upcoming film on Dr. Dobson. Take a few minutes to watch, then share with me.....WHO HAS INFLUENCED YOU?