Note to Grace Church

Hey Grace Church,

I want to start by thanking you for letting me to be your pastor. While God has appointed and chosen me, you make a choice to be part of this church. I do not take that for granted and greatly appreciate your care, your love, your support and your constant willingness to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to see people discover Jesus. For that reason alone it is an honor to be your pastor. We wouldn't be the church we are today with out a great staff, great leaders and TONS of incredible volunteers. THANK YOU!

Sunday is coming, just like every week. But, this Sunday is Easter, the Super Bowl of the Church. It is the one Sunday every year that just about anyone will go to church. The people who normally wouldn't set foot in church are's amazing. But, what's most important is that we have an unprecedented opportunity to share the life found in Jesus at a volume we seldom see on other weeks. So, here are a few ways you can join with me to be ready for what God is going to do on Sunday.....

1. Pray, Pray, Pray.....Over the next few days truly spend some time asking God to do something incredible. It's not about a special prayer, but a prayer that is found in a real desire to see people discover life in Jesus. Ask God to bring in the very people who need to hear about hope, need to find healing and need love. Pray that people who are far from God would discover life in Jesus. Pray that we will have the opportunity to watch lives change in front of our own eyes at a level we never dreamed possible. I would ask that each of you pray believing Ephesians 3:20 for Grace Church for this coming weekend. This verse says, "Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us," Ask God to BLOW OUR MINDS WITH CHANGED LIVES AND PEOPLE DISCOVERING LIFE IN JESUS....

2. INVITE.....Make sure you INVITE everyone you know. I promise we will not disappoint this Sunday. (or any Sunday!) The music will be kickin', the people will be awesome....but the message will restore hope, give life, bring healing and show love like people have never known before! So, if you really love people....Invite them to find hope...Don't ignore them and damn them to eternity in Hell!

2. On Saturday I am going to Fast to prepare myself for what God wants to share through me on Easter. During the times I would normally eat, or snack, I am going to be praying. I will be praying for our staff, our leaders, our volunteers and the people who will be attending Grace Church. I am going to pray for our guests. I am going to pray especially for the people who are far from God. I am going to ask God to start preparing their hearts long before they arrive to be ready to hear about Jesus, hear about hope, hear about healing, hear about life, hear about forgiveness and hear about love! Would you pray for me as I prepare my heart and spirit to share the Gospel on Sunday? Would you consider fasting as well? You don't have to fast from all food and such...You could simply fast from something that is part of your regular routine or diet. Fasting is the pratice of removing something from our normal lives, and replacing it with prayer and listening to God. You could give up coffee for the day, give up one meal, give up TV or anything. What I know, because I have seen it work, is that obedience and sacrifice through fasting produces God-sized results! Will you fast?

3. Be willing to serve....As I said on Sunday...Followers of Jesus are not measured by how much they know about Jesus, but how much they are willing to serve Him. Would you consider giving up your seat and serving our honored guests on Sunday? We can plug you into many areas: Greeting, Parking, Ushers, VIP and so much more on Sunday. If you are willing, click here and let Pastor Riley know. He will plug you in. The greatest way you and I can show honor to God and worship Him, is by serving His church and His message of life and hope.

4. Would you pray for the staff and leaders of Grace Church. These guys have been working overtime preparing a great experience and a great environment for our guests and for you this coming Sunday. Pray for Pastor Ross and the Worship Team as they prepare the most amazing Worship Experience ever...DON'T MISS IT....Let's Just say it might include a little U2! Pray for Pastor Riley as he preps and leads our army of volunteers who make Grace Church an incredible place to be. Pray for our Kidz Zone team as they prepare to serve a ZILLION kids this coming Sunday. It's during times like these that Satan likes to attack their families, their lives and their spirit. Ask God to uphold them, encourage them and charge them up for Sunday.

5. Last but NOT least.....There have been countless volunteers, giving TONS of hours to make sure things are just right. Make sure you thank any of the any volunteers working and serving so hard at Grace Church. Without these guys....Well, let's just say we'd have a pretty boring church! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE WORKED SO HARD THIS WEEK!

Guys it is going to be an Easter like none other at Grace Church. MAKE SURE YOU INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW.....ESPECIALLY PEOPLE WHO NEED HOPE, HEALING & LOVE!

See you Sunday.......