Over the past few weeks I have had a common discussion with some great leaders, friends and some missionaries I work with in Haiti. The discussion centered around why we all do what we do…the central mission of our lives and our personal missions. Most have found some level of success in their pursuits, and others have found great success. So I have to ask the question: “What do you believe is the primary factor in creating that success?”

The answer was almost identical from all of them. They all said they know what they were doing and why they were doing it.  They all had a goal in mind. Each one of them had a mission statement, or set of core values, that defined either their personal lives or their endeavors. And, in the most successful folks, they had a mission statement or values that defined both!

I realize that most folks do not have a mission statement for their life, or core values for what they do. Most folks have thought very little about those very things. But, they are crucial to our success in our personal lives, and any endeavor we pursue. Without them it is like wandering through a forest without a trail, a map or a compass. We will likely never end up where we intend to go.

The reality is that “direction, not intention determine our destination”. Something I have heard Andy Stanley say for years. But the truth is, we can desire to go to New York City, but if we don’t know which direction we are headed, we could end up in Houston, or San Diego. If we don’t set our course, by the time we realize we aren’t headed in the right direction, we will have to double or even triple our efforts to reach our destination.

If you intend to accomplish goals, make an impact and experience success, you need to set your course. Define your destination. Then take time to develop a mission statement for your life. In time you will be able to develop a set of values that determine how you operate, how you work to reach your goals. These things are the key to success…

The reality is these are the very things that determine vision! And, according to Proverbs 29:18, where there is no vision people go to ruin, they fall apart! Having  defined vision, direction and values is so important.

What are your vision, direction and values?