Forgiveness (pt 1)

I truly believe one of the hardest areas in our life to handle is the area of Forgiveness. It is the toughest thing in the world to forgive someone when they have hurt, offended or abandoned us. The problem is, these things are inevitable in life. You will, without fail, experience pain, disappointment and failure from the people around you. Your family, friend, spouse and children will eventually let you down.....Maybe it's an afair, abuse or failed promise. Maybe it's worse for you....theft, rape or even abandonment.

Sometimes when we experience that pain we choose to hold on to the offense and forego the concept of forgiveness. We feel that the other person owes us an apology and an act of groveling at our feet before we can release them of their debt to us. We feel as though we have power over that person if we don't forgive them! As Ann Lamott says, "Unforgiveness is like eating rat poison and waiting for the other person to die." Unforgiveness creates pain and suffering in our lives!

Even though that person may have created the problem, the event and the pain....It has control over our lives. Many times there are days, weeks, months and even years that we cannot shake the feeling of pain and disappointment.

God has some very specific things to say about the area of forgiveness and unforgiveness. The reality is that what God has to share with us, He had to put into practice. We caused Him pain, suffering and disappointment....But, He still loved us and died for us according to Romans 5:8. I will share more about this in an upcoming post.

For now I would like to hear from you.....What is one event, thing or person that you found or find it nearly impossible to forgive? Please share....