One thing I struggle with so much as a leader is feeling inadequate.

Truly, that's just sin. At it's core, it is a lack of faith. Ephesians 2:10

John 6:1-14Just read verses 7-9

Jesus never acknowledges their excuses! He simply asks them to listen to Him, follow Him and He did the rest. When will we wake up and realize that ALL we have to do is listen, follow and trust Him? He will do the rest.

All Jesus needs to do great things with your life is all you have. You don't need much money, much resource, much talent, much wisdom, much education, much experience or expertise! All you need to do is listen, follow and trust. He doesn't want your excuses and won't even acknowledge them.

Today God reminded me that He's not concerned with my inadequacy or lack of ability. He is adequate and He has the ability.

What do you struggle with as a leader?