7 Truths About Generosity You Can Learn From 5 Loaves & 2 Fish!

The story of Jesus feeding the multitude, some 10-15,000 people, with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish is an amazing story. I believe it is a picture of generosity...It is how we see generosity, respond to the need of generosity and what happens when we become generous! Take a few minutes and read John 6:1-14....

Here are 7 things I think God wants us to see in this story:

1. Where there are people, there is always a NEED for generosity. (v 1-5)

2. Jesus is the very one who calls us to be generous. (v 5)

3. We almost always make excuses about being generous.... (v 7-9)

  • Philip says “It'll cost too much”

  • Andrew says “What I have is too small”

4. All Jesus asks for is ALL we have to offer! (v 9-11)

5. When we offer ALL we have, it’s is always enough for God to use for a HUGE impact…He does miracles with our generosity! (v 11)

6. When we let God use ALL we have, He always makes sure that we have something left over! (v 13)

7. When we are generous, we always make much of Jesus...He is glorified! (v 14)

So.....Which of these seven are a reality in your life?