Something that every person desires in their lives, and every pastor desires in ministry, is to see their resources, finances and influence grow. We get excited thinking about the possibility of God taking what we have and making more out of it. Simply put, we want God to take our little and make it a lot.

God has been really been using John 6:1-14 to speak to me in the past couple of weeks. I want to share a few more ideas that I believe will shape you, and prepare you for the time when God take your little and makes it much.

  1. In order for God to take our little and make it much, we have to be willing to give it ALL to Him. Like the 5 loaves and 2 fish, Jesus needed everything available in order to multiply it! Ask yourself, what am I holding back, what am I being selfish with, that God needs to start multiplying things in my life?

  2. What we have is not blessed by God until we give it back to Him! In order for the 5 loaves and 2 fish to blessed, it had to be in Jesus' hands. If you want God to bless your resources, your finances and your time...Put it in His hands and let Him bless it.

  3. The multiplication happens in the hands of faithful people. Jesus did not multiply the loaves and fish, the multiplication happened when the food had been given to the disciples to distribute. God uses His disciples to multiply His resources. You and I get to be part of the multiplication. It requires us to be active, not sitting, waiting and watching. Multiplication happens when we do what Jesus says! It also means that sometimes we need to give our stuff away so that it can be multiplied in the hands of others.

  4. Multiplication won't happen unless we do the very thing that we have been called to do as followers of Jesus. As my friend Pastor Perry Noble says, "Listen to God and do what He says!" It's that simple! In John 6, the disciples had to listen to God and do what He said. Even when it seems impossible, even when it seems crazy and even when it seems too big....We need to listen to God and do what He says!

Which one of these area do you need to work on in your life in order for God to begin multiplying?