The church has become anything but what Jesus intended. He intended a place where lives were changed, where people were given hope, where people given love and everyone worked to serve the needs of others. Instead we've turned it into a place where we go to get instead of give, where we go to be served and not serve and a place where we expect our lives to be changed and have no regard for others' lives changing. We gather each week with one thing in mind.....ME.

Matthew 9:35-38

There is a world full of hurting, broken and needy people. But there aren't nearly enough people going out to love, serve and care for those folks. Instead it is about church events, church gatherings, church social clubs, church traditions, church plans and church finances. As a result, people are still hurting, in need and without love!

If you want to make waves with your life, your ministry and your church...Then let your heart break for the things that breaks Jesus' heart. Love people, serve people and offer them the hope of Jesus. When our focus becomes these things....lives are changed, waves are made and impact happens!

Will our churches be characterized by having FEW or being one of the FEW?