Tough Question, Tougher Answer

In all my work in Haiti and orphan care I get asked so often, "How can you say that God is loving when so many people and children are in need, starving, abandoned and dying every day?"

"Proverbs 3:27-28

1 Timothy 6:17-19

The basic gist is that God has not called us to be simply followers of Jesus by declaration, but by lifestyle.

Poverty, starvation and abandoned children do not exist because our God is not good, able to provide and aware. They exists because Christians are greedy, selfish and faithless!

The sad reality is that most people will spend more time pursuing their own wealth, their own security and their own ambitions, rather than following Jesus' example of giving to others. Phil 4:19

We don't realize that most of the world lives on less than $2 per day. If you make more than that, you are wealthy. If you're reading this from your laptop, your iPad, your iPhone or any other digital have more than most of the world! Many of us will spend more on a cup of coffee today, than most will have to live on for a couple of days! It's sobering to realize  we may not be in the super-rich category, but we are wealthy. Paul is talking straight to you and I in that passage from 1 Timothy 6.

What are ways you can begin to live generous, give extravagantly and love in the moment of need? For many of us it will take sacrifice, it will take lifestyle changes and it will take humility. We need to trust that God will provide, and then let Him use us to make provision for those in need!

Really, would you give up your luxuries for someone else's simplest need?

Here are some ways to help:

Impact Haiti Orphan Care & Children's Homes

Compassion International Sponsorship