Tornado Relief and You

Last week, a deadly storm ripped through the southeast, claiming hundreds of lives and causing unthinkable damage and destruction. Most people have almost forgotten already. Between the Royal Wedding and the Happening in the Middle East, this news has all but disappeared from public view. The needs, desperate needs, of people in our own backyard are being neglected and overlooked.

We talk a lot around Grace Church about making a difference in the world, and this is an opportunity to put feet to our faith.  You can be a part of the solution.  People need our help, not our pity.   Feeling sorry for families who don’t have a place to live isn’t going to do any good. So often we relegate our action to a simple phrase, "I'll pray for you/them". We forget that Jesus did not ask us to just pray for people; but instead to serve them, feed them, cloth them and more. Our words, our religious intentions, are worthless if they have no action to follow!

We’re partnering with a church on the ground, and working with churches all over the country to provide immediate relief to people who have lost everything.  We’re talking about providing diapers for children, clothes for men and women, and groceries for families.  We’re providing for people’s basic needs in Jesus’ name.  We’re BEING the church. Instead of bringing supplies to the church to distribute, we have found a more efficient way or helping and making an impact.

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Come to Grace Church this Sunday prepared to give.  This weekend, we’re designating 10% of our entire offering to help tornado victims.

  2. If you can’t give this weekend, you can make a donation right now.  Here’s the link and 100% of your donation will go directly to tornado victims. GIVE BY CLICKING HERE!

Folks…God wants us to live out our faith.  It’s time to do more than talk and sing – it’s time to act.