Our Ships

One thing I know about all of us it that we will face some incredibly tough situations in life. At times, it may even seem our life is in shambles and may even be over. From personal experience I can tell you that there have been seasons where my plans seem to have fallen apart, my world is broken and all seems lost. In ministry, this has been true.....The reality is that when we pursue our own plans and not God's...this is where we end up....in despair!

Take a few minutes to read Acts 27all of it. It is the story of one of Paul's shipwrecks. Let me share one of the main things I learned in this passage...I believe if we can get this perspective into our lives, we will experience hope, even in the worst times.

While your plans may fall apart, and all seems hopeless, God will spare you! In verse 22 Paul says to the ship's passengers that they do not need to be afraid...God has promised that no one will die. But, Paul says that the ship will be lost. The reality is that we need to realize the "ships" we have built, our methods and vehicles to reach our plans' destination, will most likely be destroyed or lost in life's journey, but it doesn't mean we will die!

Our  "ships" can be a variety of things; our careers, our families, our relationships, our wealth, our positions our ministries and our lifestyle. So often we feel and think we may die, or at least feel like our lives are worthless, if theses things are lost. In this story there is an assumption that if the ship is wrecked, they will all die. WHY? Because we so often are not willing to let our "ships" go and hold on to them even when they drag us to the bottom of the ocean!

In my opinion the greatest reason we hold on so tightly, even to a sinking ship, is that we do not have enough faith that God is enough for us. Instead of being content that God loves us, and God will save us...We aspire to build bigger, better, newer and faster "ships" to achieve satisfaction in life.

In reality, if we would have faith, like Paul, that God is enough, our lives will be spared. We need to rest in knowing that life may fall apart, if you read the story you saw the ship literally fell apart, but God saved the lives of all 276 men. God was faithful. God was more concerned with their lives, than their ship!

The same is true for you...God cares more about your life than your ship.

What is your ship and are you willing to let go?