Together for Adoption

However, I can say from experience that God is 100% faithful to provide for us when He has called us to something.

While I would love nothing more than to bring home every single one of the children I have worked with, that is am impossibility. I would love to see them all adopted, but that isn't a reality either. So, I've been on this journey of figuring out how to love on these children, provide for these children and prepare them for the future.

Aside from adoption, orphan care is one of the most powerful ways we can provide for children in need. Adoption is not a reality for every family. But, helping provide for children in need, even in small amounts can be. The problem is that most folks have no idea where to start, how to start and if they can even make an impact. But...You can! Here's how...

October 21-22Together for Adoption Conference 2011. Redemption ChurchGilbert CampusMissional Living, the Gospel and Orphan Carethink aboutimplementThere will be over 60 breakout sessions that will cover topics like orphan advocacy, the adoption process, fundraising for adoption and orphan care, starting adoption and foster care ministries in your church, exploring foster care, how you and your church can make an impact through orphan care and more.

General session speakers include:Darrin PatrickTullian TchividjianTim ChesterBryan LorittsJuan SanchezJeff Vanderstelt

Worship Leaders:Shaun GrovesAaron IveyJimmy McNeal

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If you are adopting, leading a ministry looking at orphan care, looking at ways to get involved in serving adoptive families or foster care families...This is the place you need to be in October.