Bad Sermon

Here's a very transparent confession.... I feel as though I gave the worst sermon of my life yesterday!

Does that ever happen to you?

Take a few minutes and read Matthew 13:1-9 & 18-23

In reality Jesus spends almost NO time talking about the sower...He is more concerned with the people who receive the seed. Obviously the sower is aware of what is being spread with the seeds.

Often we forget what seed we are spreading....It is God's Word. It is the Gospel. It is life. It is freedom. And, it is powerful. Weekly I remind myself of a scripture before I preach...and remember that if I am purely sharing truth in and from God's Word, it is a good message with power and matter my delivery or the response I see. That scripture is Isaiah 55:10-11 Read it and know it!

  • Ask God to forgive me of my pride and admit my selfishness

  • Dig harder into God's Word in preparation of the next sermon

  • Seek counsel from those who love me and I trust for ways I can improve my sermons

  • Remind myself that God's Word has power, not my words!

  • Celebrate the fact that God has called me to speak His Word each week, the greatest honor I could have!