Unseen Side of Adoption

Somehow, we tend to forget about this side of adoption. We often never see it, or hear about it. Yet, it is a crucial part of most adoption stories.

After all, giving up a child is the greatest, and without doubt, one of the most costly sacrifices a person could make. It is giving up your own flesh and blood. It is giving up the only thing in the world that would not exist without your life....And giving that up to ensure a child has life, is powerful and life-changing.

But, above all, it is a reminder to me how great God's love is for us. He gave up his ONLY son to save us....He gave His son up not to be loved by others, but to be rejected and killed by the world. But, He gave Him anyway...and as a result we have life, hope and love. Not a day goes by that I am not reminded of how much God loves me!