Tattoo's and Changed Lives

Yesterday we started our "Marked by God" series at Grace Church. It was a great day. Not because we had lots of new faces. Not because we had a crowd. Not because the music was HOT! Not because we were living on the edge. It was incredible because we got to watch quite a few people give their lives to Jesus. Our vision is to see people far from God discover life in Jesus. That's exactly what happened yesterday! Yesterday people came into contact with Jesus, and they walked away marked. Once we have experienced the very presence of God, our lives are never the same.

Here is a note I received last night on FaceBook. "Hello. we have been coming to grace church for a little bit and I have really enjoyed it. My son and his friends were interviewed today and honestly it was so funny. But his friends wouldn't of been with us if I didn't tell them about you getting tattooed today. They honestly didn't believe me, so his friend just came to see if it was true and then he dedicated his life to Jesus. You are an amazing pastor. Thank you for being ready to go beyond to reach people....Angie"  That's a great reminder and the very reason we do what we do at Grace Church! Hearing stories of changed lives is the greatest aspect of being a pastor. It truly never gets old. We are going to celebrate these changed lives HUGELY and here's why... "Count on it-there's more joy in heaven over one sinner's rescued life than over ninety-nine good people in no need of rescue." Luke 15:7 

Thanks to everyone who was part of seeing lives changed. I am grateful to pastor a church that will do whatever it takes to see people discover life in Jesus! I told Rob Jarrett last night, his passion for tattoos and his talent was used by God to change lives. What gifting and talent do you have that God can use to change lives?

You can see a short video clip of the worship experience below. Also, we would love to hear about how God used this worship experience to change your life, your perspective or your family.