Happy Birthday Karis

Today our beautiful Karis turns 2. She is still in Haiti waiting for us to bring her home. We were supposed to be there today to celebrate with her, but plans had to change. We are so very close to having her home with us. Today in celebration of her birthday we wanted to take time to recap and once again share our heart and call for adoption. Maybe you've seen this video before, maybe this is your first time. Take a few minutes to watch. Pray for our family, pray for Karis, and PLEASE pray for all the families across the world working hard to bring home their kids through the miracle of adoption. Adoption changes lives!

If you have been thinking about adoption, now is the time to find out more. Take time to connect with a local adoption agency in your area. Or, you can touch base with GREAT organizations like Holt International, Small World Adoption or Bethany Christian Services. Yes... adoption can be an expensive process, and it is lengthy. Take it from us, the blessing is greater than the sacrifice. And, we know, if God has called you to adopt, He will provide. Feel free to email us with any adoption questions you may have by clicking here