The Little Things

If the little things are not managed and handled well, they add up...and quickly! Once they add up, all the little things become a giant mess of things that seems out of control and impossible to handle.

Grace ChurchFor the first few years it seemed as though we struggled to grow, struggled to maintain "normalcy", struggled to meet budget and struggled to build community. Over the course of that time I worked hard to identify the issue or issues that were the root. Then I figured something out, it was the sum total of all the small things. Our church, as most churches and organizations, struggle more from the accumulation of small things than from one big thing.In reality the change starts with the leader.....and that means I had to change!

Zappo's CEO Tony HsiehDelivering Happiness "it's like death by a thousand paper cuts"The little things, small issues, seem insignificant, like a paper cut. But, if you end up with a thousand of them, you loose the ability to function, you become crippled by a bunch of insignificant problems! That's why the little things matter so much.