Getting Your Vision Back

Do you ever feel like your vision is gone, or even just blurry?

As a leader it is crucial that we are constantly seeking to keep and focus our vision. 

Mark 8:22-26

Take a few minutes and read it

  1. We need 1 on 1 time with Jesus. Jesus pulled the man aside to spend alone time with him. It was during that time that Jesus chose to work miracles, and return the man's sight. How often are you getting away 1 on 1 with Jesus? It is a crucial need in our lives.
  1. The process of regaining our vision is messy & very personal. Jesus SPIT on the man's eyes. That is not something we desire. It was contact with something we consider very nasty and very unclean. But, often the process of refocusing and healing causes us to come into contact with the messy, unclean and dirty parts of our lives. Plus, it was very personal because Jesus touched the man. It often takes personal contact with Jesus for us to regain our vision.
  1. Getting your vision back often requires patience. Regaining our vision may take more than one step, it may be progressive. The reality is that we want a quick fix. We want to see results right away. But, God may choose to heal us over time. That requires faith and perseverance. He took two steps to heal the blind man in Mark 8. Don't give up just because your sight is not clear and focused at first. God will not leave His work unfinished. He is faithful. (See Philippians 1:6)

If you miss any of these three things, especially the first one, I believe your vision is at risk. What are you doing to ensure your vision is clear and focused?