"When you make the choice to call yourself a leader, or better yet, aspire to be an EntreLeader, you have to declare that passivity is no longer an option. Leadership is not for the weak and timid; it requires tremendous backbone, tremendous strength. The larger your dream, the larger the organization, the more complicated and emotionally draining your decisions. Big-time EntreLeadership is simply not for wimps." Dave Ramsey from EntreLeadership

That statement is powerful, true and incredibly challenging. In fact, the entirety of Dave Ramsey's new book EntreLeadership is exactly that.

The idea of EntreLeadership, the fusion of the entrepreneur and a leader, is " the process of leading to cause a venture to grow and prosper."But, what I know is that Dave is all about great leadership and maximizing people's potential.

This book is truly one of the best, and most comprehensive books on leadership I have ever read. No matter if you're in business, ministry, or simply leading your own household....this book is incredibly powerful. It is a wealth of resources, knowledge and challenges.

Above all, Dave points out the reality that wihtout boldness and courage, you simply cannot be an EntreLeader. But, Dave gives the practical steps and ways we reach that place on our lives. 

This book is a powerful, invaluable resource that EVERY leader MUST read.I promise it will recharge the weary leader, inspire the beginner and strengthen the veteran leader.I would challenge every leader to take their core team through this book together. Use it as a tool of accountability, growth and encouragement within your team. 

EntreLeadership will be released on September 20, 2011.Click here, and you can pre-order right away!


"You can't lead without goals. Don't ask you team to set goals when you have none"

"If you want your team to buy into your dream and execute it with excellence, then you must be caught caring about them personally"

"Indecision caused by fear will kill you"

"The goals must be your own. When you care about the end of the story, you will work you way through it."