8 Steps to Inspire Movement

I can give you a HUGE list of ways to fail at leading, and ways to destroy inspiration. I have made tons of mistakes. But, I can share 8 sure ways to inspire and create movement.

  1. Listen to God. There is no other place to start. As pastors our primary job is to listen to God. We need to get alone and hear from God. We need to be in His Word. We need to be praying constantly and with intent. We need to be quiet and patient as we listen to God. As we listen, God will inspire us and God will reveal vision to us. One of my favorite verses, but one of the hardest for me to live is Psalm 46:10 that says "Be still and know that I am God...." We need stillness to listen well! Start by listening...

  2. Cast Vision. Without vision, people cannot succeed. In fact, the Bible says they will fail. (Proverbs 29:18) You must cast vision and cast it well. You are the visionary, and that means you don't just carry the vision, but cast it too! And, that vision comes from listening to God!

  3. Be Consistent. We need to cast vision consistently. We need to lead consistently. We need to love consistently. We need to do everything of value with consistency in our lives. Consistency builds trust and builds confidence from those who follow you.

  4. Be Passionate. Passion is the best indicator of our heart. Passion must live long after the "honeymoon" is over. Passion needs to be the most consistent part of your life. Your passion will be the best indicator what matters most in your life. Passion is contagious....It transfers to the people around you. Your passion will carry you, and those around you, through the hardest times.

  5. Create Crusaders. Invest in others. Share with them your passion and your vision. Help them become the leaders of your vision and supporters of your passion. Better yet, make sure you passion is Jesus and your vision is about what Jesus reveals to you. Then you will be able to do something even greater....make disciples. The reality is that if we aren't living out Matthew 28:18-20 we aren't making disciples and crusaders. These are the very people who will carry on the vision, and more importantly , the Gospel when you and I are long gone!

  6. Tell Stories. Make sure you tell the stories of life change, passion and movement as God is moving in your church. This is the greatest way we can celebrate the miracles and the life change that God is doing in our churches. Whether you do it in your preaching, small groups, via video or the internet...TELL STORIES. Here's a link to one great story... a miracle story!

  7. Compensate Well. This isn't just about the pay check, this is about appreciation. Let the people who are with you know they mater. Recognize them in front of others. Take time to send them notes, emails and gifts to let them know they matter. Show people that you care about them and notice them personally. Pray for them and support their passions too. This builds confidence in a team and an atmosphere of positivity.

  8. Lead By Example. Don't just teach about your passion, don't just talk about your ideas....LIVE IT OUT. Show people through your life that what you say really does matter to you. If you lead by example, then people will follow you. No one can follow a leader who isn't out front leading. You can't just communicate for movement, you have to move yourself! Don't be fooled, if you won't do it, no one else will either. If you want your church to reach lost people, then you need to be reaching lost people. If you want your church to be good stewards, then you had better be a good steward. If you want healthy families, then invest in your own. If you want servant leaders, then be a servant leader. If you won't, they won't....LEAD BY EXAMPLE.