Honesty is something that is truly missing in today's world....and especially today's pastors!Instead of simply being human and admitting these things, pastors tend to portray a super-human stamina and ideal.Shaun King

Hands down the most stressed out people I know are pastors.

Very few people understand the size & scope of the stress that pastors carry, but it is pretty extreme.  Pastors carry…

  • The financial stress & uncertainty of a high level entrepreneur

  • The responsibilities of a school teacher as they teach the fundamentals of the faith

  • The weight of a psychiatrist as everyone shares their deepest, darkest secrets and problems and expect solutions

  • The burden of an artist that weekly crafts a freshly creative message for all to see and hear (and critique)

I could go on and on.  I didn’t even mention the public pressure and scrutiny that pastors and their families receive.  Over the past year, my wife & I have had people publicly question if we took too many vacations, received too high of a salary, spent too much time helping Haiti, and more.  It’s a lot of pressure and I am not even talking about the regular pressure of paying bills, raising kids, being married, etc." Read the rest by clicking here

something that is crucial to the health and survival of pastors....friends, mentors and accountability.Acts 6:1-7

  • Friends: You need people to do life with. You need to have fun, enjoy life and be candid. You need friends who don't need you as their pastor, but as a friend. It is friends who can speak truth to you and care for you when you're having a tough time. My friends are my greatest encouragers and inspiration. And...Pastors....you're number one friend has to be your wife. Thank God that's true in my case!

  • Mentors: You need people who will challenge you to grow. When we stop growing, we stop leading. When we stop leading, we stop living. Surround your self with people who will challenge you, inspire you and challenge you. I have made it a great part of my life to be sure and seek out mentors, and not just any mentor, the best I could find. If you surround yourself with high capacity mentors, you have a much better chance of being a high capacity leader. Check out Perry Noble's coaching network, it's the best I've experienced to date!

  • Accountability: We all need accountability in our lives. We need people who can press in and call us to be responsible with the junk, the struggle and the sin in our lives. We need people who can speak the truth in love, but be bold. You need people around you like that always. I have made sure that my core team members can do that, and a few folks from the outside as well. Guys like Casey Graham won't buy my super-human crap, and call me to be real. I am thankful for that, and that's what makes it easier for me to be HONEST!

If you want to be a great pastor then it is going to require you to be really HONEST! What's holding you back?