Change the World

For people who are driven, visionary and ambitious there is a central theme to our lives....We want to change the world!

Changing the world begins in believing that you're capable. Not because you are the most talented, but because you care the most! God truly equips those he calls. He's not looking for talent, He's looking for passion.

You must be focused, passionate and centered on making Jesus famous. You and I were not created so God could glory in us, we were created for His glory. He came to save us from Hell for the pure purpose of bringing glory to Him. God created us in His image so that we could reflect it and share His glory with the world. God blesses us, redeems us and loves us so that we can go out and make much of who He is.Matthew 28:18-20Ezekiel 36:22-23

Most of us have made the mistake of believing that our greatest impact comes through making much of others, making a difference in their lives and serving them. In doing that, we miss out on our greatest calling.....Making much of Jesus! We will take a good thing, people, and make them a "god-thing" and that never ends well.The reason we serve people, love people and join with people is to help them and ourselves do a better job at making much of Jesus.

If all of us, high capacity leaders and everyone else, would get our focus and our passion centered on Making Jesus famous....and if we would bring others along with us.....we can change the world.

Want to change the world? Then focus on making much of Jesus!