What MLK Day Means to a White Guy!

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In years past this day has had less meaning to me than it does today. For some that statement might seem a bit strange, and for those passionate about this day, it might seem disrespectful. Let me explain....

I grew up in the Deep South. Over 10 years of my life was spent in Alabama, a hot bed of racial injustice. In fact, half of that time was in Montgomery, where the Civil Rights movement often found its greatest battles. Dr. King pastored a church right there in my town. I knew all about Dr. King, the Civil Rights movement and the weight of the issue. And even with all of that in my backyard, I still grew up experiencing racial prejudice in great proportions. I saw it in my school, my church and every aspect of my life there.

Thankfully my family did not reflect that same prejudice that we knew an experienced. I was raised to see people as they are, children of God. I was raised in a home where color and ethnicity was never a point of concern. I was raised to see the value in every person. 

As a result of my upbringing and the work of great leaders like Dr. King my life is impacted and unique! Today my family is a reflection of the Dream of Dr. King. My family is a portrait of equality. My family is a reflection of what Heaven will be! My family is multi-racial, multi-colored, multi-ethnic and beautiful. My family is white, black, brown, caramel, and every shade in between! My kids are white, black and bi-racial.

Because of the passion, the energy, the drive, the conviction, the time and the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. my family is free to be what it is today. I am grateful for Dr. King and my life is amazing because of his great work. Thank you to all of the men and women who gave their lives to the Civil Rights movement to help our nation work towards being a reflection of Heaven. Thank you for making it possible for my family to be what it is today.

That's what MLK Day means to a white guy!