For Leaders...


  • Just because I sit with God and get vision doesn't mean my team receives the same thing. It is my job to share my vision with the team God has given to me. Otherwise the vision never grows!

  • My heart must always be in check....I do this by asking the following: Do I want God to get ALL the glory? Or, do I want God to get most of the glory so I can have some too!

  • Am I staying responsive to God's call? Am I listening to what God says and then doing it? If not, then I am nt accomplishing God's best for my life!

  • As God does more, provides more and increases more in my ministry, I need more time alone with Him. No amount of planning, strategy, meeting, phone calls or reading can substitute for time alone with the God who gives me vision and purpose!

  • I lead much better after I spend time alone with God! I am fresh, renewed and challenged...It makes me better

  • God loves me simply because of who He is and NOT for who I am or what I accomplish. Success or failure, God has already chosen to love me. As a leader I often forget that key element of the Gospel in the pursuit to succeed!