What most pastors screw up....

Matthew 25:14-30

He disillusioned himself to believe that if he simply protected the thing he was given and returned it just the way it was, the master would be please. But, the master was not....He was angry and called the servant wicked and lazy!

They took the risk of losing at the chance of gaining something.

Pastors....most often we get this wrong when it comes to people. Most pastors are so worried about losing attention, money, people, quality or control that they become the wicked and lazy servant!

  • Are you the type person who would rather do something your way than risk someone else not doing it as well?

  • Do you need all the accolades, and feel inadequate when someone else gets more credit than you do?

  • Do you like to show up at all the meetings, and make all the decision instead of allowing others to do that?

God has given you a vision and a ministry...that's your talentIf you hold it closely with fear that someone may steal it, break it or loose it....You have become that servant!

Our job is to take the people God has given us and multiply them. No where in the New Testament Church was there a call to remain the same, remain small and protect the original. The New Testament Church is a picture of risk, multiplication and miracles.

We multiply people by empowering them to do ministry. We multiply people by giving them the chance to do something great. We multiply people by giving them the chance to shine. We multiply people by training them to replace us!