One of the Most Important Things a Church Planter Needs

There is one thing that EVERY church planter must have. Without this one thing you will NEVER make. Without this thing you will NEVER survive. Without this thing you will NEVER be satisfied. And, without this thing you will NEVER be truly wise! 

The thing EVERY church planter needs in an amazing wife who believes in the vision and who loves you no matter what!

There is nothing that matters more in planting a church. My vision can be great. My leadership can be stellar. My attitude can be right. My team can be perfect. My funding can be huge. My location can be perfect. My plan can be bullet proof. My timing perfect. But.....if I do not have an amazing wife I am sunk. I cannot make it without her! (And when often many of the things I just mentioned aren't true of me...she loves me anyway!)

She is the only one who will stand by me no matter what. She is the only one who will still be there when everyone else gives up. She is the only who can love me through my darkest moments. She is the only who will never get pissed off and leave the church because her preferences are not met. She is the only one who can fully call me out on my mistakes because she sees them all and loves me anyway. She is the only one who sees me in through biggest struggles and can simply be present and love me through it. She is the only one who is consistent and present no matter what happens. She is the only person who has made a covenant before God to stay by my side no matter how good or bad things are!

My wife is the one who encourages me. Her words speak life to me. Her smile brings joy. Her presence brings peace. Her wisdom sharpens me. Her consistency builds me up. She make me laugh and keeps me smiling. She is incredibly beautiful. Without her I could never survive the adventure of planting a church. My bride is essential and one of the biggest blessings I could have ever imagined.

Allison, I love you & could never imagine my life without you!