Uncommon Church Updates

This week was our 2nd weekend as a church. To be very honest I was much more nervous for the 2nd week than our very first. Why? Because I didn't know if anyone from week one would actually come back. Plus, I had no idea if anyone new would show up.  Plus, here in Austin, this weekend was Austin City Limits Music Festival....So I just wasn't sure what would happen. But, once again, God did something absolutely amazing! We saw people return, new people show up and an even greater excitement than week one! God is at work!

I have said often I want God to do this, so none of us can take the credit. Like Psalm 127:1 says "If God doesn't build the house, the builders only build shacks." Thankfully God is doing it. Let me share about week #2 from the words of one of our Uncommoners! This story is a great example of why we do what we do at Uncommon Church

WOW! You guys totally rocked my socks off today in every sort of way.
I had a random encounter(which we all know is never random)with a lady a few weeks ago and invited her to our launch. She wasn't able to make it but said she and her kids had really wanted to come. I didn't know whether they were being genuine or trying to be nice, but she actually followed through with me this week and I told her I would give the kids a ride this week.

SO, not having face time with this girl for any longer than half an hour, here I am this morning, two weeks later driving out to some stranger's house to pick up her kids I had never met. I thought it was going to be so awkward haha.
Anyway, the kids were super excited as soon as I got there, all bubbly and talkative THANK GOD. The first thing out of Angie's mouth as soon as we headed towards the car was "So... is this a church for people who feel weird and different?" omg. I said "Yes, if you feel weird or normal or sad or happy or whatever. Anyone can come to this church" and she was SO happy!

As soon as we pulled up we were happily greeted by James, then Danny and Allison, who helped TJ and I to the kidmin. I didn't know what TJ would think because he was very quiet and withdrawn on the ride there, but everyone was so nice and friendly there, even the kids.

While I was sitting with Angie in service I was just really delighted to hear Pastor Michael repeat over and over that Jesus loves you just as you are, and I think it really sunk in with Angie. She said that she had never been to a church where the people were really "real" people. When I went to pick TJ up he was a completely different kid! He started babbling on and on about anything and everything and asked me if we could come EARLIER and stay LATER -even to help us tear down!

On the way home Angie said "I think we'll get along here because me and my brother are really messed up." and when we got home the first thing TJ told his mom was "I found MY new church!"

I am just so overwhelmed and blessed, these kids come from what is coming out to be a pretty sucky living situation, so please be praying for the family.

But I really just wanted to thank you guys for doing just exactly what you are supposed to do, everyone was in place, just like we practiced and IT WORKED! You guys really blessed a family and helped to show God's love for the very first time to these kids. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! I love you guys so much, I am just beaming with pride. 

Peace, joy, blessings and all that good stuff,

God is building Uncommon Church. Thank you to all of you who are praying for us, supporting us and helping us stand with confidence on the calling God has given us to reach Austin, Texas. I cannot wait to see what the future holds!