Living for The Vision

This is a concept that many church planters believe they understand. I know because I have been prone to thinking I understand it long before I truly did! I thought I had a grasp on living for the vision God has given me for my church and my ministry. But the reality is that the last year has taught me a lot about this very thing. Here is some of what I have learned. I sharing this from a place of learning, not a place of expertise! 

The greatest enemy of your vision is you and your preferences! Our preferences in life will always get in the way of what we have been called to do. Our preferences often cause us to choose the convenient and the comfortable over the calling and the vision. Our preferences simply put our desires before God's desires. We must be careful, because when that happens we may be giving up the chance to see our vision become a reality. In fact, that's what happen to Moses. He was a great leader, but when he chose to do things based on his preference, he gave up the chance to see the vision God gave him become a reality!

The truth is the commitment to my vision is measured by my willingness to die to my preferences daily. You can see just how committed I am to the vision when you measure my daily choices to let my comfort and wants be forfeited. You can measure the commitment of your team in the same way. How willing are you to let you preferences die? The reality is that you cannot live for something, a vision, without letting your preferences die!

Here's the bottom line.... It's easy to be committed to a person, a position or a possibility. But, it is very hard to be committed to a vision. Being committed to a vision means that everyone involved must die to preferences. The vision never guarantees you people, position, possibilities or proximity. It only guarantees you hard work and sacrifice. So are you willing to set all of your preferences aside for the vision God has given you? If so....the future could be very bright.