Pray for Uncommon Church

In just a few days we will officially launch Uncommon Church in Austin, Texas! Seems wild that the time has arrived. Only 51 weeks ago we moved to Texas from Tennessee to plant this new church. Now, here we are, and it's time to see what God has planned for this church. The results are 100% up to God!

There is one thing I know that will make the marked difference between this church making it, or failing.....PRAYER!!!! We need your prayers. All year we have been sharing this list with supporters and friends. Now I am asking my entire network to spend the next few days diligently praying for Uncommon.....

Here's how to Pray for Uncommon Church

  1. Pray that we will never not pray for God’s move at Uncommon. -pray with Psalm 127:1,2

  2. Pray that ours will be the most prayed for church plant. -pray with Jeremiah 33:3 & Matt 7:7

  3. Pray that we will reflect the fruit of the Spirit to everyone. -pray with Galatians 5:22,23

  4. Pray that we will leave nothing undone. -pray with Joshua 11:15

  5. Pray that we will delight ourselves in the Lord. -pray with Psalm 37:4

  6. Pray that we will never be prideful. -pray with Proverbs 16:18

  7. Pray that we will never betray our spouses. -pray with Exodus 20:14

  8. Pray that we will make disciples. -pray with Matthew 28:19

  9. Pray that we will always be honest with God. -pray with I John 1:9

  10. Pray that the Word of God will keep spreading where we are. -pray with Acts 6:7

  11. Pray that none will die without the Gospel where we are. - pray with 2 Peter 3:9

  12. Pray for the protection of our families and our church family daily. - pray with John 17:15

  13. Pray that we and our team will not grow weary. - pray with Galatians 6:9

  14. Pray for God’s perfect and acceptable will for our lives. - pray with every verse that comes to your mind.